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Top Ten Things To Do When Visiting Athlone

Usually, they say leave the best till last, but we’d like to lead with our own exciting activity!

If you’re visiting Athlone take a trip on our fantastic, luxury cruiser River Run. It’s fun for the whole family and is the perfect activity to start your trip to Athlone.

With onboard entertainment, food and a fully licensed bar, you can explore the River Shannon and experience the wonderful sites around the ancient area of Athlone. 

If you’d like to enjoy a relaxing cruise down the River Shannon, book in today

River Run

Before we get into all the other fantastic team building activities you can do in Athlone, let’s not forget about the team building events you can take part in aboard River Run. 

Our luxury passenger cruiser is the perfect place to host your night out. With a fully licensed bar on board as well as live music and finger food, River Run is the ideal place to host any team building night out. 

Have fun with your colleagues or employees while enjoying a relaxing cruise down the River Shannon. Take in all that nature has to offer as well as some of the most impressive historical sites in Athlone. 

Find out more about our team building activities on our dedicated team building page.

If you, a family member, or a friend is a history buff then the Derryglad Folk and Heritage Museum is the perfect stop when touring around Athlone. 

It features amazing exhibits that depict 18th-century farm life in Ireland. It’s definitely not a museum you want to miss during your trip to Athlone.

Glendeer Pet Farm is the perfect place to bring your kids if you’re out for a family holiday in Athlone. They have loads of animals out and about and it’s definitely the best animal interaction you can get. 

The pet farm is a great spot for both kids and adults alike and you won’t be disappointed by the amount of fun you’ll have there.

Athlone Castle is a beautiful historical monument in Athlone. It’s the perfect place to visit for anybody who’s interested in stepping back into the past. It’s also great for kids as they get to see the ins and outs of a real-life castle. 

This stunning piece of ancient architecture is the ideal place to visit during your trip to Athlone.

If you’re looking for something fun and entertaining to take part in during your stay in Athlone then look no further than Baysports. They’re Ireland’s largest floating water park. With loads of slides, obstacles, and fun floats to play with you and your kids will have the time of your life. 

Baysports is ideal for summer fun and it’s the perfect place to get your whole family involved. You’ll have hours of delight playing on top of the large floating arena.

The Church of Saints Peter and Paul is a stop not to be missed. It’s renowned for its stunning architecture and gorgeous stained-glass windows. The church is free entry and it’s one of the most beautiful historical places to visit in Athlone. Definitely not to be missed off your itinerary.

Shopping is always on the list of things to do when visiting anywhere. Who doesn’t love a little bit of a shopping spree. 

The Burgess Department Store is the perfect shopping hotspot in Athlone. They’re the longest established department store in the whole of Ireland and offer a wide variety of luxury items. 

They offer premium customer service along with products from high-quality fashion and homeware designers. It’s definitely a unique and modern shopping experience with the Burgess Department Store. Be sure to check it out next time you’re in Athlone!

If you’re into paintings, sculptures, or art in general then the Luan Gallery is a great place to stop by while in Athlone. It holds some beautiful and unique pieces by local artists and it’s definitely a gallery you should check out if you’re an art lover.

If you like to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy spending time outdoors then the Shannon Banks Nature Trail Walk is the perfect activity to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. 

It’s a wonderful walk along the banks of the River Shannon where you’ll see all kinds of plants and animals. It’s a pretty easy walk too so it’s perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

If you’ve come on holiday to Athlone to relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life then the spa at Hodson Bay is the ideal place to unwind. 

It’s an incredibly relaxing spa where you can get a soothing massage and experience a watsu pool. The spa was actually the first place to feature a watsu pool in the whole of Ireland. Watsu pools are a form of aquatic therapy and are perfect for relaxing your body and your mind.

When you’re visiting Athlone, we hope you’ll book in with us to experience the River Shannon in a whole new way. 

We’d love to have you and your friends or family come aboard the River Run for a fun night of live music, food, and a cruise down the River Shannon. 

Book your team cruise today by emailing us at or calling us on 071 962 1777.

We hope to see you aboard soon!

These historic sites are the perfect places to visit after you’ve cruised down the River Shannon. 

On River Run, we can take you to some of the most historical sites in Athlone, while you enjoy a relaxing ride on our luxury cruiser. 

If you want to see Athlone from a whole new light then get in contact today and book your river cruise.

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